London Plays that are Worth Watching

If you are visiting London, there are many theaters in the city that you want to visit. Most of these theaters are centrally located in one place. London is famous for their west end shows. There is a wide range of plays available, ranging from musicals, children’s entertainment, drama and much more. The following are some of the London plays that are worth watching.


‘The kid stays in the picture’ is one of the best play worth watching. This is a drama which features the rise and fall of Robert Evans. The game is showing in most of the theaters in town. One can get the tickets to watch the play from most of the hotels in London. Make arrangements with the hotel managers to get tickets for you if you happen to visit London during this time of the year.


Another top performance play worth watching is ‘Limehouse’. This play is a drama that is filled with intrigue. It is exciting and worth a ticket for those in love with theatrical dramas. It touches a bit about the physical effects of drinking alcohol. It is dated back to the 1970’s and has topped the charts for the best shows watched this year. Make sure to buy tickets when you get to London or check it online.


‘Black lives’ is another show currently playing and is worth watching. It is a play that portrays whether the lives of black people matters. This play is one of those that can be remembered for generations to come. It is logical for one to get the tickets to watch the show as early as possible to avoid the disappointments. The show is guaranteed to hit the ground.


Another play sure to hit the nerve is an ‘American in Paris’. The game is worth watching by the couples, singles, families, and groups. The play is filled with musical performance and jazz. If one is a fan of music, then this is the best show for you. You will live to remember the performances. It is one of the great music performances that have hit London in recent years.


‘The triple threat’ by Lucy McCormick is one of those shows not to be missed. It is a fun show whose audience is the adults. Three actors act it. A lady does the voice along with two gentlemen dancers. The three actors will put on a show that will have you moving along with them. Make sure to get the tickets purchased for this show.


There is also a top play by the name ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf’ worth watching in London. The game is derived from another famous game and features the great actor Conleth Hill and Imelda Staunton. Again, make sure to get the tickets for this one from the ticket vendors if you are a fan of the theater. One can also get the tickets for this online before visiting London.


Of course, London is filled with theaters with west end giving you a range to choose from. The list discussed above features the best for this year, but there are still more to choose from. In London, you will find love comedy, opera, drama, musicals, and shows to keep your children occupied during your visit.